What is Distance or Remote Reiki Healing?

Ross White
Banbury Healing
January 2021

Why are an increasing number of people choosing this holistic option that transcends time and space?

Having previously taught science , I needed some tangible evidence before jumping wholeheartedly into the ethereal world of energy healing.
I had already given and received Reiki with other practitioners before trying it remotely. If you have ever received Reiki, you will know what a beautiful experience it can be.

But can Reiki really transcend space and time?
Ancient understanding and knowledge from the East seems to be increasingly validated by modern quantum theorists and this fascinates me. So I approached distant Reiki with an open but critical mind.

During a Reiki session the practitioner develops the clear intention to send healing energy. This is coupled with the recipients intention to receive it and wonderful things can happen. The idea that the intention of both participants has a direct dynamic effect on outcomes is well established in quantum theory.

Secondly, the paradox that everything is simultaneously both particles and energy, is increasingly accepted by mainstream science. If what we believe to be solid is actually energy waves then it makes sense Reiki can and does affect everything, especially ourselves as the ones exerting the intention.

Across the world

Finally, the effects of intention on energy, that have been scientifically observed over huge distances, can’t be easily explained as they travel faster than the speed of light.

So, if we are made of energy, and energy can have an effect on others, at distance and faster than the speed of light, Distance Reiki healing seems completely plausible.

Science aside, I have experienced the power of distance Reiki healing many times and my clients report tangible positive physical, emotional and spiritual effects. Energy is a fact and I believe Reiki is too.

What happens during a distance Reiki session?

Initially, we chat about the session and if there are any specific areas Reiki might help with. It's nice to use a video messenger for this first part so I can mentally picture you during the Reiki.

Next, we turn off the video link and assume a comfortable sitting or lying position.
Man meditating

Just like in-person healing sessions, initially I take a couple of moments to ground myself ensuring I’m undistracted and receptive. To do this I take a few deep breaths, hold my hands in the praying position, recite the five Reiki principles and invite its energy. When we are both settled I will guide you through a grounding meditation. This involves visualising Reiki energy entering through the top of our heads, flowing through us, out of our feet and deep into the ground below. Don’t worry if you struggle with visualisation, it's the intention that matters.

Once grounded I will send healing Reiki energy to each of your chakra points in turn. You might feel sensations of warmth or coolness, vibrations, tingling or even strong energy waves. Equally you might just experience the comforting knowledge that someone is thinking kind thoughts and sending you love at that very moment.

The remainder of your session is given over to discussing how you found your session and if you have any questions. If you don’t wish to say anything, that's fine too. Female Client

I will openly tell you about any sensations, or emotions that I experience during your Reiki and ways that they are linked to the specific chakra areas. However I don’t try to interpret what these feelings might mean or make predictions about the future. I believe Reiki is a strong natural force that works for your best interests. Some people are open to suggestions and it's not my place to potentially influence such a natural force or your relationship with it.

What technology will we be using?
I would suggest FaceTime or WhatsApp, both offer simple video calling facilities that most people are familiar with. If you would prefer to just use the telephone that's fine too, although my mobile reception is rather poor.

Man using phone

How long does a distance Reiki session take?
The reiki session is generally about 15 minutes with some chat before and after so usually around half an hour.

Where can I receive my Reiki?
Try to find a place you will not be disturbed and can sit or lie down comfortably. It is not necessary to light candles or incense but you might find they set a relaxing and focused environment. You could play soothing music quietly in the background to set the scene. The important thing is to find a space where you are most relaxed.

Image of candle

How much is a session?
I ask for a £10 booking deposit when you book. If you pay that straight away there is nothing else to pay. If you want to pay at the time of treatment it's £15.

How can I book a distance reiki session?
The simplest way to book your session is via my website banbury-healing.co.uk , but if you would prefer you can send me a text message or call me on 07864 980812.

Some important practical benefits of receiving Reiki by distance.

I love giving and receiving Reiki energy healing and firmly believe science is catching up with the power of energy healing too. Every day we use energy frequencies we can’t see, like electricity, radio, mobile phones and wi-fi. So why not form the intention to tune into Reiki and feel the benefit of this energy too?

Sending, positive thoughts, good vibrations and of course reiki energy.

good vibrations

I look forward to hearing from you

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Sun 7 Feb 21 here isanother comment


Thu 7 Jan 21 Thank you for your kind words, they inspire me to keep meditating and concentrate on my Reiki practice.


Thu 7 Jan 21You have a way of making Reiki seem as natural and normal as breathing - oh because it is! 😄 The hardest thing about experiences that are personal to each individual is explaining it in a way that speaks to others. You write honestly and openly and I love that. If I didn't already appreciate the benefits of Reiki, I'd certainly be curious enough to try it. I may have had trust issues with some men Ross, but I do trust you wholeheartedly to offer only positive, loving vibes 😁 Having experienced Reiki and massage from you before I know your holistic therapies are valuable services you offer graciously and honourably. Keep up the good work. xXx


Thu 7 Jan 21 Interesting article, nice writing style