Naturist Massage at Banbury Healing

Ross White
Banbury Healing
January 2021

Your choice for modesty and comfort

Most of my clients opt for Temple draping for their massage. Others like a combination of a thong or loincloth with, or without a drape over their breasts. Your choice of coverings is what we use to ensure your massage is fabulous.

You can also choose whether to be draped with my soft fleece blankets for comfort and warmth, or remain completely undraped (the room will be warm enough in either way).

Modest Draping not ideal for spiritual massage
Temple Draping

Temple Draping
Temple Draping

Naturist Draping
Female Client

Naturist massage is a common request from both female and male clients who prefer to be fully naked without the restrictive feel of clothing.

I am happy to provide a naturist massage for clients who are respectful and understand that a full body massage is not a sexual service.

If you are considering having a naturist massage, then you are in for a treat.

Overcoming social constructs of body image and nudity combined with the mental and physical relaxation of massage will help you experience a deeply relaxed and meditative state.

Woman considering nude massage

Disregarding the fussiness of coverings enables the rhythm of the massage to flow, uninterrupted as nature intended from nose to toes, (just not your genitals.)

Clients report enjoying the sense of ritual and liberation that nudity during a spiritual massage can bring, safe in my discrete healing room. The carefully chosen scented oils, soft lighting and gentle music create a devine atmosphere.

What you look like is irrelevant. Massage should make you feel good about yourself, giving your body the human touch we need.

Female Client

I remain clothed during your visit. You should feel respected, safe, secure and unjudged in my company allowing you to totally relax and transcend your worries.

If at any time you feel bashful or uncomfortable, just ask and I will cover you with one of my fleece blankets, no worries, no questions.

Female Client

My rules
I have strict and clearly defined boundaries to help you get the most out of your naturist massage. These set out our expectations of conduct and are signed before the massage commences.

I require your name, address and prepayed booking deposit.

If applicable, I also need an acknowledgement that your partner knows you wish to receive a naked massage and endorses yourchoice. If you are unable to be honest with your partner about receiving a naturist massage this probably isn't the place for you.

Other conditions set out in the memorandum of agreement require that your understand :

Any of the following behaviours will result in immediate termination of the massage.

If you feel you don’t want to adhere to all the points in the memorandum of agreement, that’s fine, there are other service providers who offer what you actually want. Please don’t waste my time and cause embarrassment by pushing these rules.

Having stated all of the above, nudity is a completely natural state and I totally respect and endorse your request. Naked is just naked, no big deal really.

Female Client


Whole Body sixty minute
Massage £60-00

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